Day One, On Kira Farm


It’s our first full day here at Kira Farm; already we have had so many amazing experiences. The first was more interesting than amazing as our journey to the farm from the airport was somewhat rickety and at times a little scary as we were transported in a very, very well worn couch. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed with a tour of the farm and some lovely food.

This place is really so beautiful and all the trainees who live here are so full joy to see new faces. Later yesterday evening we were properly welcomed, African style. We were entertained by some traditional Ugandan dances, drumming and lots of singing. It was humbling to see how grateful they are to have received the opportunity of an education, how proud they are of themselves and their home and how much they love one another. A much needed early night was had by all and this morning we all awoke afresh.

At 8 O’clock we participated in their normal morning dedications which were full of energy and praise, they read from the scriptures together and then discussed gods wonders. Then it was too the field for us all to collect ‘Gods blanket’, we are not sure if we were much help but we all got involved with some farming, Ugandan style, with nothing but a stick. We found our first poisonous animals both a snake and a centipede, luckily nobody as of yet has been bitten.

We are all already feeling welcome and are having such fun. 😀

Be ready for the next instalment tomorrow

Francesca and Laura H xx

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