Day Two

Today is our second day and we have all settled in to Kira quickly. Everyone is eating well and starting to enjoy a little sunshine.

Yesterday we did our first evening session with the trainees. It was very different to what they are used to but they accepted our nervous introductions to the Shine programme we are running. Laura H and Fran introduced the topic of ‘We are Valuable’. Then Gemma and Will went in a little deeper, talking about how we are all precious to God no matter what we look like or what our past is.

As we started our evening activities (girls having hand massages and boys having their feet washed) we realised it had worked as a fantastic ice breaker and all of the trainees were overjoyed by the way we all got involved. We had lots of giggling from the girls who had never had any type of massage before and confusion from the boys!

Earlier in the day we had organised the gifts we had brought with us and arranged on what days we would give each gifts. As we handed each trainee their gift (tshirts and a bag for the boys and a toiletry bag with body lotion and hair grips for the girls) we had shouts of joy and laughter. Everyone was overwhelmed by their response.

Afterwards we spoke to Kim from Brazil who is on a 6month mission trip living on Kira Farm and he gave us some information about the culture and shared stories of his time here.

This morning Liz started off the idea that everyone is one of a kind and Brian led the prayers. We have been out farming again and are all ready for a good cup of tea!

Keep us in your thoughts, Gemma and Jo Lee xxx


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