Day Three :D

Day three here on Kira farm and we are all having a great time.


Yesterday the afternoon and evening sessions went really well, in the afternoon we made a flag combining all of our hand prints. Maria spoke about how we are all one of a kind and that we should not compare ourselves to others. It was really good to chat to the trainees about all the people that inspire them and their aspirations for themselves.

In our evening session Dean spoke about the wonderful gift of our bodies and how we should protect and look after them in order to serve god through our actions.

Today our morning and afternoon sessions have been great fun, Francesca introduced the idea of the power of choice and we prayed for the people who have helped us to make the important decisions in our lives. This afternoon we tried out so some role play of different scenarios and how we would react to them, either with anger or calmly with forgiveness. The message really appeared to get through to all the trainees and much laughter could be heard as each group performed.

Between the two sessions we helped with the farming as the planting began.

After lunch Joshua took us out of Kira Farm into the surrounding village where we were introduced to some of the sponsored children and their families.  The experience was an eye opening one for us all. Some of the things we saw were truly shocking for example a family of seven all sleeping in one room and children only having one meal a day if they have any food at all. However they all seemed to be so happy and excited to see us, many of the little ones would not let go of our hands. It was amazing to see how they could smile in the face of such hardship.

pictures tomorrow … Laura H xx

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