Day Four :D

Day four on Kira farm and everyone is happy and healthy, as of yet there has been no adverse encounters with wild animals and we are all still in possession of all of our limbs.

Last night we enjoyed some fishing in the river that runs across the farm and then the evening session went really well, with it being a welcomed late night for all. Will spoke about the importance of our convictions and then we had some precious time talking to the trainees about what their convictions are, and about the things and people they care about.

This morning after breakfast it was once again time for some farming this time we had a go at some hoeing as we cleared a harvested maze field ready for the next planting season. Then after some Ugandan maze flour porridge it was time for morning shine, Laura D spoke about our potential being limitless and Jo W taught them some new Jam songs.

After lunch we were again taken out of Kira farm to visit some more of the surrounding families and another sponsored child. Here we met and OAP who doesn’t quite know his age but is between ninety and one hundred. We also discovered another of Kira farms amazing good works as they offer out solar powered lights to their neighbours in need. Also the farm is trying to build good relationships with these people even offering short courses over the holiday weeks.

Then it was time for a football match  between the male trainees and the boys in the village, great fun was had by all.

The evening session this evening was amazing, after a hilarious game from Andrew, Dean spoke about how important we are and that we can do anything through Christ who gives us strength. Then the girls participated in a cat walk and the boys wrote some Raps. we all had such a good time with much laughter enjoyed by all.

Laura H, Francesca, Will and Jo W xxxP1010449 P1010551 P1010380

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