Day Six

Over the weekend things have been done a little differently here at Kira farm.

Yesterday we were treated to a lie in and some time just to be together as a team in the morning. We had a slightly longer shine session in the afternoon, Laura H and Jo Lee spoke about how our life has a purpose in Jesus and that we should always believe that we have a calling and our lives are worthwhile. We then had some time to speak to the trainees about what their hopes and dreams are and about the things that they love.

After the session Laura D and Andy lead a game of ultimate Frisbee followed by a rather long and energetic game of bucket ball. It was Kira verses Mzungus (white people). Kira won. In the evening we sat around the camp fire and shared stories of our differing cultures, discussing marriage, food and general customs. It was so interesting to hear how different their lives are compared to ours in Britain, and how the cultures between regions in Uganda also differ.

This morning we lead a church service and tried to make it as different from the classic traditional Ugandan service as we could. After worship led by both ourselves and the trainees, Dean brought a final message about sowing the seeds for a fruitful life in Christ. After this we were all invited to share a small testimony of the week and the feedback from the trainees was so encouraging.

This afternoon we will be running some British style games, just like it’s a knock out. And later we will share a movie night together.

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving Kira to travel north to Massindi and then on to the national park for our safari treat.

It is very unlikely that we will have internet connection so we will update the blog on Thursday after our return to the farm.

Laura H and Gemma Lee XX

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