From Lost to Leader – News from our Sponsored Student in Uganda

Agnes Lanyom is the Kira Farm student we supported during 2015. This recent news about her shows how worthwhile such sponsorship is. Agnes grew up during the war against the LRA and was forced to live in a camp where she was surrounded by unspeakable crimes. She joined Kira Farm as a downcast, anxious and insecure young woman. Today she is a strong and vibrant leader in her community, role-modelling a new way of living. She is independent, determined and successful!

‘I have lived most of my life in fear. I grew up in a displaced people’s camp during the war so life wasn’t easy, particularly as a girl. Fortunately my lovely parents always protected me so I didn’t get raped like so many other young girls. Everything I witnessed in the camp made me feel like I needed the security of a man, so I got married quite young. Sadly apart from the gift of my son Derick, all my marriage brought me was torture and tears. Instead of finding the security I so desperately craved, I became deeply insecure and anxious. Despairing of my life and my marriage I prayed that I had made a good decision to join Kira Farm Development Centre. I spent the first three weeks at the Farm pretending to be happy like everyone else. It really was a beautiful place and for the first time in my life I enjoyed having a bed to sleep in and plenty of food to eat. However deep down I was scared that it wouldn’t last and soon I would be going back to my miserable life.
‘Thanks to the love and attention of the staff at Kira I gradually began to feel more secure, particularly as we learnt about God’s love for us. Over time I began to feel more confident and started enjoying myself like all the other trainees, without worrying about what would happen after Kira.
‘I’m so pleased to tell you that life back home is getting better every day. Kira Farm helped me learn to trust myself again and I knew as I left that I was an important person with the potential to make it in life.
‘Within the space of a few months I have been so successful I can take care of myself and my son without relying on anyone else! Using the tailoring skills I learnt at Kira I am making nearly £7.00 on a good day. I have also put into practise the business training we received and this has enabled me to set up a successful cassava chips business, making nearly £2.00 every day. I have joined a village savings group (a traditional bank would be inaccessible to Agnes) and I am saving over £2.00 every week, I’m also putting a little aside to help out any group members who have any problems. I have secured half an acre of land worth £220.00 and so far I have paid £130.00 towards it. I know by the end of 2016 I will have finished my payment and the land will be mine so I can begin Farming God’s Way – this is the conservation farming techniques we learnt at Kira.’

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