Volunteer Season 2018

Our theme for the last three weeks has been ‘Volunteer Season’. St Mary’s couldn’t do much of what we do without our massive team of volunteers. Volunteer season is a chance to thank you our volunteers for all that they do. It’s also a chance to make everyone aware of all the different opportunities for serving at St Mary’s—there are plenty of ways to get involved if you’d like to!

Sunday 22nd April – St Mary’s Annual Meeting

Our Meeting and Annual Report shows the wealth of activities which happen at St Mary’s. If you missed the printed report you can catch up below. If there’s an area where you’d like to get more involved let us know!

St Mary’s Annual Report 2017-18

Sunday 29th April – A Focus on Youth Volunteering

As part of our Volunteer Season we welcomed Liz Dumain from the Diocese to speak at both services of 29th April. Liz has a particular focus on developing and facilitating a new youth strategy for the Church of England in Birmingham and we loved hearing her inspire us with how we can all be involved in reaching young people in Wythall and Hollywood.

Sunday 6th May – Volunteer Sunday

Our reading was from Acts 6:1-7. Val spoke to us about there being a variety of ways to serve, all different and all valuable. If you missed the talk you can catch up below.

If you are thinking of volunteering

If you’re looking out for an area where you can get involved please have a look at our ’Volunteers at St Mary’s’ list below. This lists a huge variety of opportunities to serve; it also highlights areas where the need is greatest. We couldn’t do all we do without our volunteers. It’s rewarding to be involved as a volunteer, please do get in touch with the church office  if you’d like to join one of our teams.

Volunteer list 2018

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