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The Coppice have successfully applied for a defibrillator through the charity ‘Charlotte & Craig’s Saving Hearts Foundation’, following the Restart a Heart Day training which Ali Spencer from St Mary’s ran with year 5 and 6 children last autumn. The defibrillator is in the foyer for use by school, church and visitors. A particular thank you to Louise Marks in the Coppice Office for her work to make this happen. Here are some photos, and the article from the Coppice News about the defibrillator.

Ali from St Mary’s, Louise from the Coppice School and Rob Underwood from Charlotte and Craig’s Saving Heart Foundation

From the Coppice News 8 February 2019

 Lifesaving equipment comes to The Coppice
As a result of our Restart a Heart Day back in October, where children in Years 5 and 6 and many members of staff were trained in CPR, we have managed to secure a wall-mounted defibrillator for the school/St Mary’s Church. Many thanks to Charlotte and Craig’s Saving Heart Foundation ( for the generous donation of this piece of equipment.
Charlotte and Craig’s Saving Heart Foundation was set up with the aim of putting a defibrillator in as many schools and public places in the Redditch area. Rob and Maggie Underwood, who established the charity, did so after the tragic deaths of three of their children from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome.
The defibrillator has been fitted in the lobby for St Mary’s Church so that
people who use the school, Church, the hall and the field have access to this
life saving equipment.
Ali Spencer, a nurse and member of St Mary’s Church who trained the children and staff of the Coppice in CPR, yesterday met Mr Underwood to thank him for donating the machine.
Staff and church members will now be trained in defibrillator use, although the state of the art equipment talks users through the CPR and shock delivery so that anyone, even untrained members of the public can help to save lives.
There will be some joint fundraising for the charity over the next few months so that we can help fund defibrillators for other schools.

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