Covid 19: Changes at St Mary’s

We have now received the direction from the Church of England that the Archbishops have stated that ‘public worship is suspended until further notice’. This means that St Mary’s will not meet for worship services on Wednesdays or Sundays until we receive further information.

We have also decided that in line with the government advice around ‘non-essential contact’ to cancel all small group meetings and mid-week gatherings for children and youth.

BUT the spiritual life and mission and ministry of the church will continue it will just look a bit different for a while.

This is a new season for our church and just like our expectancy for the Spring and the warmer weather we are expectant for God to continue to be at work in our lives; speaking to us, helping us become more like Jesus and prompting us in ways to ‘love our neighbor as ourselves’.

Here are the current ways in which you can connect in prayer, worship and with one another (remotely):

  • Pausing to Pray

There will be two opportunities each week to ‘pause and pray’. One will be on a Monday evening between 8pm and 8.30pm, the other will be Thursday mornings 9.15 – 9.45am. If you would like to indicate that you are engaging with this and you wish to receive some prayer pointers and the allotted Bible reading email and if possible send your mobile number so that you can join a Whatsapp group

  • Worship and teaching

There will be a slot of teaching and prayers via video posted on both Wednesdays and Sundays. I am still to determine the exact way this happens such as whether it will be ‘live streamed’ or a recording that gets posted. But look on the website and our facebook page tomorrow at 11.30am for the first posting.

  • Love one another

We have an incredible opportunity at this time to show God’s love to others. For example do you know people in Nursing Home or who are self isolating? Can you write them a letter or card or ring them up? How might we offer practical help like shopping, dog walking, medicine collecting etc for others from church, our wider family and our friends and neighbours?

  • Children, families and Youth Work

We are looking at ways we can provide specific resources for children, families and young people – watch this space. As a starter, you could follow St Mary’s Wythall Youth, Children’s and Families on Facebook to find out new things as they happen!

Thanks for your patience and prayers at this time. Please keep in touch. Although a very unusual time I truly believe God wants to grow us in our faith and to grow our church.

Rev Manda Featherstone

17th March 2020

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