Create Space

Create Space is not taking place during the coronovirus pandemic.

Create Space began in 2015 in response to recognising that creativity has a place in caring for our own well-being and connecting with each other.

We live in a culture where life is non-stop, always on the go, under pressure, multi-tasking to the extreme. So, Create Space helps you to make time to reflect, process and express yourself through creative means. Valuing yourself and your own well-being.

What to expect at Create Space

You’ll be welcomed at the door and asked to sign in. For £5, all of your creative materials and refreshments are provided.

Each session is different and is chosen to enable creative expression and self-reflection. You can choose to spend your time quietly or sharing your thoughts and ideas with others. You don’t need to be particularly arty to be able to participate, everybody is welcome to have a go.