The Ancient Parish
Early Wythall
Pre-conquest Evidence
Medieval Wythworth
The Church Beginnings
Wythall in the Middle Ages
Warwickshire 1567
Wythall 1500 - 1800
The Early Nonconformists
Wythall Chapel 1826
Wythall Chapel 1848
The Growing Parish
St Marys Wythall, Exterior
St Marys Wythall, Interior
Church Description
Organ Specification
Wythall Baptist Church
St Aidan's RC
R A F Wythall
Historical Buildings

St Mary’s, Wythall Organ Specification


Manual Compass CC-A 58 notes
Pedal Compass CCC-F 30 notes


Great organ
1 Open Diapason 8ft Metal
2 Clarabella 8ft Wood New chest 1908, old pipes
3 Dulciana 8ft Metal New 1908
4 Gamba 8ft Metal New bottom octave 1908
5 Principal 4ft Metal
6 Harmonic 4ft Metal New 1908
7 Fifteenth 2ft Metal
8 Trumpet 8ft Metal New 1908


Swell organ

I Bourdon 16ft Wood New 1908
2 Open Diapason 8ft Metal
3 Lieblich Gedeckt 8ft Wood and Metal New 1908
4 Salicional 8ft Metal Bottom octave new 1908
5 Voix Celestes 8ft Metal From Tenor C
6 Principal 4ft Metal
7 Cornopean 8ft Metal New 1908


Pedal organ
1 Open Diapason 16ft Wood New 1908
2 Large Bourdon 16ft Wood New 1908
3 Small Bodrdon 16ft Wood From Swell No 1
4 Bass Flute 8ft Wood Ex Pedal No 2


I Great to Pedal
II Swell to Pedal
III Swell to Great
IV Swell Super Octave



Three Composition Pedals to Great Organ
Three Composition Pedals to Swell
Pedals Radiating and Concave (R.C.O. design)

Organ Case in Pitch Pine

Builders: Messrs. Nicholson & Co. Ltd., Malvern