Lost for Words

Lost for Words? A Short Series on Sharing my Faith


An Introduction
Romans 10:9-17, June 25th 2017

The Times they are a-Changin’ – Evangelism and Me in 2017
Acts 17:16-34, 2nd July 

The way we share our faith needs to adapt in each generation to reflect needs and prevailing worldviews, whilst still being faithful to the Good News.  It was true in the early church (e.g. in the sermons in Acts) and is true now, so we may need to adapt how we speak about God, Jesus and salvation to communicate effectively today – emphasising story, experience and mystery more than statements of objective truth.  Our world has been called a ‘sinless’ society where few have a sense of having offending God, and where neither the attraction of heaven now fear of hell motivate people to respond.  And yet many are without hope and gripped by shame.  What does the good news look like in Wythall in 2017?

Can I get a Witness? – Doing Life, Sharing Deeply
1 Peter 3:8-16, 9th July 

Where in your life do people talk about what really matters? What sort of things get people excited, passionate or angry? And what about me? When and where did you last have a ‘deep and meaningful’ with someone who doesn’t know God? Today people’s worldviews can be very individual, getting our news and opinions from a variety of sources. We can be opinionated online, but lack a real ‘face to face’ family or community to ‘do life’ with and shape our worldview. How can St Mary’s help us to create more opportunities for ‘deep sharing’ with those we know, draw those people closer to the church family and make room for new friendships with newcomers to church? In short, it’s no good being ready to share our faith if no one ever asks us – how do we create those opportunities? And how do we create a ‘culture of invitation’ where inviting someone to church is the most natural thing in the world?

We don’t have an audio recording of this sermon but you can read the sermon notes here: Lost for Words: Can I get a Witness? Sermon Notes. 

What the World is Waiting For – My Story and God’s Story
Colossians 1:15-29, 16th July

What’s the Good News? Is it the same for everyone, or do I get to explain it in my own way? What difference does my faith make in my life, and what drew me in in the first place? God made us each different – some of came to God primarily be asking questions of truth, others out of a desire to experience God’s presence; some by being inspired to change the world, others as a place to heal hurts; still others captivated by a genuine, loving family. Let’s learn to be more confident in sharing our own stories, honestly with all the good and bad bits, and in doing so revealing God’s story in a way that other people can find themselves in too.