gethsemanePrayer underpins everything we do at St Mary’s, both corporately and individually.  Put simply, it’s how we talk to God and listen for his voice and guidance.

Prayer is a key feature of every service of public worship, but we also have activities and resources which are specially for prayer, including:

  • Two weekly prayer meetings: Monday, 7.30pm, at Edna Burgess’s house, and Thursday, 9.15am, in church.  All are welcome to join us as we pray for our church and community, the world and those who are unwell.
  • Prayer Ministry – an opportunity to be prayed for by trained volunteers at the end of every 10.30am Sunday service.
  • Prayer Chain – a confidential way of passing on prayer requests to church members, who commit to pray for the issue over 48 hours.
  • Prayer Partner / Prayer Triplet – a commitment to pray with one or two others regularly (perhaps once a month) which a number of St Mary’s folk are involved in.
  • Church Prayer Diary – pray for the whole church family at St Mary’s by name each month, a few each day.

Submit Prayer Request

At St Mary’s we pray for our community virtually every day.  If you’d like us to pray for you or someone you know please fill out the form below. It will be emailed to a leader of one of our prayer groups to be prayed for this week.

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