Small Groups

homegroupbeckettsWhilst many people associate worship with Sundays and large buildings, those who meet in each other’s homes during the week find ‘church’ can be equally deep and engaging on a smaller scale.

St Mary’s has several Home Groups, Groups meeting each week (sometimes fortnightly) to support and encourage one another, pray and study the Bible together.

St Mary’s home groups are committed to five core values:

  • All involved: every group member is willing to play their part
  • Becoming Disciples: growing in our faith and discerning God’s will for our lives
  • Creating Community: sharing lives and building relationships
  • Doing Evangelism: sharing God’s love with others
  • Encountering Jesus: experiencing His presence with us

If you’re thinking of making St Mary’s your home joining a Home Group is a good forum for asking questions and a great way of getting to know a smaller group of people well. Contact the church office if you’d like to find out more.

For those who are new to the Christian faith, have questions, or want to learn more, we also run the Alpha course. Get in touch to find out more..