Volunteering at St Mary’s

At St Mary’s we’re committed to helping every member of our congregation find an active role which they find fulfilling.

Volunteering obviously benefits the church family, and also often the wider community too, but giving our time and growing in a role can benefit us too.

In 2017 we implemented a new charter to help make volunteering at St Mary’s a great experience for all!  We’re committing to five key principles:

  1. Help you find a fulfilling role which you’re called to and gifted in
  2. Allow you to try out a role before making it yours
  3. Provide induction and training as you settle in
  4. Offer support and feedback, and involve you in reflection and planning
  5. Pray for you regularly

As a St Mary’s volunteer there are also principles you will sign up to too:

  1. Seek God in what I do and the people I work with
  2. Be reliable and timely in my role, attending relevant training and planning meetings
  3. Keep connected with my leader about how things are going
  4. Give of my best in all I do