The History of St Mary’s Church

The History of Wythall and St Mary’s Church, Wythall
© Cecil Sharpe

As incumbent of St. Mary’s Wythall, part of my responsibility is to recover some of the parish history. From the original few pages of comparatively recent history the project has been greatly extended. I hope that it will be interesting and informative to all who read it.

My thanks are due to all who have lent me photographs and supplied information and particularly I would express my grateful appreciation to the following:

  • Mr R A Thornton-Pett; who allowed me to have free use of all his notes.
  • Dr R J Hetherington for the sole authorship of the chapters of the early Wythall and Non-Conformity. He, in turn, wishes to acknowledge the helpful advice of Mrs. Margaret Gelling, author of two county volumes published by the Place-Names Society.
  • S. J. Price. M.A. for indefatigable research and authorship of Chapters I. II, III, V, XII and XIII; together with maps.
  • Mrs. Helen V. F. Goodger, whose help with research and manuscripts, together with her capable fulfilment of many tasks in connection with this publication, has been invaluable.

Rev C F Sharpe
St. Mary’s Vicarage.

June. 1972.


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