Where do we start?

We have two documents, produced in the 1960’s and 70’s that offer views of the history of Wythall and more specifically St Mary’s Church.

The first document was written in September 1962 to celebrate the centenary of the Parish Church of St Mary, Wythall by the then incumbent, The Reverend Cecil Sharpe. He undertook the compilation and publication of some of the historical notes relating to Wythall. The project rapidly extended from its original few pages to cover in excess of five hundred years and a booklet of 32 pages. In June 1972, Reverend Sharpe revisited the project, extended the scope once more, and re-published, this time a 56 page booklet.

The second, produced by Peter Hudson, a very popular lay reader from the 1970’s is entitled “St Mary’s Church, Wythall – a brief history”. The is predominately a history of St Mary’s Church, Wythall – the building(s) located in Chapel Lane, Wythall, B47 6JX

These documents have now been converted to a format suitable for viewing as web pages, together with any pictures. Where possible we have provided external links to further assist both the scholar and the amateur in their search for elucidation about the area.

The picture quality is not brilliant, being scans from a monochrome booklet, but if anyone knows of a higher quality source, or can fill in the missing information gaps, please contact us, so this history continues to be our story. Known errors or omissions in the original documents have been corrected where possible.

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