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St Aidan’s Roman Catholic Church, Wythall

In the late 1940’s. after strenuous efforts on the part of Catholics living in Wythall, permission was given for Mass to be said each Sunday in a converted billiard-room in the Grange, Station Road. Although there were difficulties in obtaining a priest, on Saturday 12th July, 1947, Father Crighton (the parish priest) wrote to Bishop Bright to say that Mass would he celebrated in Wythall the next day.

The celebrant was Father R. B. Woodhouse, of Alberta. Canada and the service at 9 am. was attended by 29 people, and it is on record that the collection amounted to 2.l4.2d. As far as it is known, the occasion was the first time that Mass had been celebrated in Wythall since the Reformation.

Regular Mass followed and the size of the congregation grew steadily until about 50 attended each week. Discussions were held from time to time about having a church, but nothing was done until the arrival of Fr. O’Mahony in 1962 when approval was given by him to plan a new church. At first, local official reaction was not favourable, but in June 1962, planning permission was obtained and work commenced at once. The land was given to the parish by a prominent parishioner and the site was along the side of the Grange in Station Road. Work continued for nearly two years - mainly with volunteer labour - and finally the Church was completed in July 1964.

The first Service was conducted by the Archbishop of Birtmngham- Archbishop Grimshaw-on Saturday, 25th July at 6 p.m. There are now about 160 Roman Catholics living in Wythall and although many sttend services at Shirley or Kings Heath. congregations of about 100 hear Mass each Sunday at 9 am, at St. Aidans, Wythall.

The building comprises a Marley Frame giving an area of 60’ long by 30’ wide with kitchen and lavatory accommodation at the front and two small sacristies at the rear. Most of the work was carried out by voluntary labour at weekends and in the evenings and was supervised by the architect. Mr. Brian Rush-who is a parishioner, although specialists were employed for some functions. It was estimated. on completion, that the church cost about 4.000 and it was finally paid for about two years after the completion of the building.

T Smith