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Wythall Baptist Church

The Baptist cause at Wythall (or Wythwood) Heath originated through the labours of the Rev. S. Pearce, who preached in the cottages of the neighbourhood. being assisted by gifted brethren of his own church who continued the good work. About 1804, Mr. Thomas King, one of the deacons at Canon Street. bought a piece of freehold land and at his own cost had erected a small meeting house. In the year 1820 he conveyed the same to Trustees for the use of the Baptist Denomination forever. Part of the materials used, he bought from the Canon Street Trustees when the old meeting house was taken down.

One of the earliest church workers was Mr. John Tay, the manager of a small candle factory owned by Mr. King at Wythall and the chapel became known as “Tays Meeting”. Mr. Tay died in 1823, aged 83 years.

For a time the cause seems to have languished, but a new effort was made and on Tuesday 5th September, 1837 the meeting house was re-opened after enlargement. Such was the progress that on 22nd March. 1841 a separate Church was formed when eleven persons (dismissed at their own request from Canon Street) signed a "Declaration of the Faith and Practice of the Church at Wythall Heath”. The Rev. W. Gough of Henley-in-Arden officiated on that occasion and preached in the evening of the same day, signifying his acceptance of the unanimous invitation given him to the pastorate, which he occupied for six years.

Mr. John Freeman. a member of the Canon Street Church was pastor from 1848-1852. Mr. R I Lapworth the great-grandson of Mr. John Tay, preached occasionally for two years and then served as pastor from 1854 -1888

A free day school, established about 1860 was supported by voluntary contributions, continuing until the Board School was opened. The manse was erected in 1862. the first load of bricks was paid for in farthings collected by Mrs. Charles Parkes. and hauled free of cost by local farmers.

From 1881-1884 lay preachers served the church. The Rev. J. S. May held the pastorate from 1884-1907 with a short interval necessitated by ill-health, when the Rev. E. Grove acted as minister. In 1907 the Rev. Samuel Neild of Balsall Heath became pastor. Since then the pastorate has been occupied by S. R. Ward (I923 - l927) 1. Newton (1928 - 1933) and S. W. A. Moisey (1934 - 1940).

In 1940 the church agreed to join with Yardley Wood Baptist Church to share a pastorate. and their Minister, the Rev. V. Greenwood, became minister of Wythall until 1950. The pastorate was then vacant until 1959 when the Rev. L. S. Lewis of Kings Heath acted as moderator. Sister Christine Perrott was appointed Minister in April 1959.

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