About us

9amcongregationSt Mary’s is the local Church of England Parish Church serving the communities of Hollywood and Wythall in North Worcestershire.  Though we have been without a permanent home since our old church building closed in 1987 this has never stopped us being a vibrant and outward-focused congregation with lots to offer.  Today we are a growing church with an excellent longstanding relationship with Coppice School where we have been meeting on Sundays for over 15 years.

Sometimes our church is described as “low church” or “evangelical” which means our services tend to be more informal than formal, and that we believe God’s Word to us in the Bible is living and active today.  Above all we want to be known in our community as a church which loves and serves those around us and takes every opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those we meet.

St Mary’s is a member church of the Anglican Diocese of Birmingham and more locally the Shirley Deanery.  The Diocese encourage us to set mission goals each year – those things we aim to develop or do differently.  Our goals for 2016/17 are:

  • Help more Families in Wythall Encounter Jesus (making stronger links between groups and our 10.30am service, building deeper relationships with local families, understanding our changing world better)
  • Become a Catalyst for Social Action in Wythall (listening to local, regional and international needs and responding in Christ’s name)
  • Set a 3-5 year vision for St Mary’s

All are welcome to join us on our journey of faith, whether you’ve recently moved into the area or you’re exploring the Christian faith more deeply.  Get in touch or come to one of our Sunday services to find out more.